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The Irish Farm Buildings Association, IFBA was founded in 1961 and draws its members from farmers, industry, trade, professional organisations etc. from all parts of Ireland.​


  • To further improvement in farm buildings design and layout

  • To provide guidance to farmers, innovative ideas and technical help to all those involved in farm buildings.

  • The I.F.B.A. has been a network for many members to exchange ideas with each other on specific aspects dealing with their own situations. 

  • To conduct practical research in farm buildings. 

  • To be in contact with changing trends in other areas and see new ways of doing things. 

  • To provide advice and support to its members on a multitude of issues from the latest grants available to policies and procedures. 

  • To promote knowledge of, and interchange of views on matters pertaining to farm buildings & the countryside 


  • We have organised many tours throughout Ireland, and we have also had successful tours of Scotland, Wales, England, Holland, France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium and Italy.

  • Presentation at Conferences by experts of international standing.

  • During this Covid -19 Pandemic the I.F.B.A. continues with virtual meetings and events

  • At this time we wish everyone well and for anybody who has suffered loss the I.F.B.A sends their sympathy and condolences to them. 

I.F.B.A Committee
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